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300 Shields Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
300 Shields Slot

Tonight, we dine in luxury. Join the ranks of the fiercest and most legendary of warriors – the Spartans of ancient Greece and test your warrior luck!

Feel the thrill of battling in the frontlines amongst their infamous phalanx in the 300 Shields online digital slots machine. Spin your way to a glorious victory! There is no bigger rush of adrenalin than in the heat of battle. No greater glory than coming out on top when winning Malaysian Ringgit in this online slots.

The Legendary Warrior Nation

As seen in the epic film 300 about the courageous three hundred Spartans who held the pass in the Battle of Thermopylae, fiercely battling the Persian army of more than a hundred thousand soldiers. The proud warrior nation holds an intriguing culture. A free society where strength and might in battle is valued above all else. Surprisingly, given the patriarchal nature, the women enjoyed relatively more freedom, rights and equality than most other women at the time. The Spartans were well known for their phalanx formation. An unbreakable shield wall which have won them battles time and time again.

The 300 Shields online slots game takes after the classical ancient Greek aesthetics. With characters adopting the Greek lettering style for the 10, J, Q, K, A slot symbols and game fonts. The backdrop for the slots game features a serene field. Highly reminiscent of their fields of battle before the war drums start rolling. 300 Shields slots game features iconic images to represent their symbols . Spartan warriors, their shields, their unique sword, the arrows they faced in battle, Viking enemies, and their ships. Truly a clash of legendary warrior armies in this epic online digital slots machine! Feel the rush of battle!

Start Playing 300 Shields

Begin your march towards the glorious fields of battle with 300 Shields – all you have to do is pick the number of lines you wish to bet on, your bet per line and press the Spin button to charge into the fray! 300 Shields slots game allows you to bet up to twenty five lines, a respectable amount for any slots game.

The Wild symbol in 300 Shields is represented by the face of the ferocious Spartan warrior. The Warrior symbol represents any other symbol in the game. Once triggered, it lets out a satisfying battle cry! You are sure to follow along when you hit your big win!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

Come back with your shield, or on it! The easily recognisable Spartan Shield symbol represents the Scatter function in the game. If you hit three or more of these Spartan Shield symbols, prepare for a bloodbath! Your MYR will rain from above as you trigger Free Games! Three shields give you five free games, and all warrior wins are multiplied  by five! This increases with each shield you match, up to twelve or more shields! If you hit the maximum amount of twelve shields, prepare for madness! You get five free games, and all of your warrior wins during the free games are multiplied by an insane three hundred times! What’s even crazier is that you can trigger even more free games during the free spins when you hit three or more shields during the free games! For Sparta!

This is madness? No, this is 300 Shields! Take a risk and gamble your winnings with the Gamble function in this incredible slots game! Carry on that hot streak and multiply your winnings instantly! Whenever you win a spin, go ahead and hit that Gamble button next to the Spin button! You will be presented with a simple mini game for you to either pick Red or Black, or one of the four card suits. If you pick the correct colour between Red or Black, you instantly double (2x) up your winnings! If you pick the correct suit out of the four, you instantly get quadruple (4x) of your winnings! Onwards to glory!

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The ravages of battle can be long and tiring. You may wish to take a break, but you don’t have to stop spinning your winning spins! 300 Shields slots game features an auto play feature, like any other respectable slots game, allowing you to let the game spin one hundred times without intervention!

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