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4th Week of NBA 2020 – 2021 Season

by sam.h
NBA Plans for 2020 - 2021 Season

Despite the rough start for several key contenders, things seem to be going back to a normal trajectory as Los Angeles Lakers claims their spot in the first seed. Meanwhile, other teams have been steadily gaining momentum in the season and figuring things out as well.

After the last week’s left-field James Harden trade to Brooklyn Nets, things have seemed to slow down in the league as a comparison as most teams gear up into midseason form. Here are some of the highlights over the last week that we have compiled”

Golden State bests both Los Angeles teams

After a turbulent start to the season, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green are putting the team back on form. They defeated the Los Angeles Clipper 115 – 105 and the first seed Los Angeles Lakers 115 – 113 in a tightly contested 4th quarter battle.

Going forward, James Wiseman will be constantly coached on court by coach Steve Kerr and defensive anchor leader, Draymond Green. Despite Kelly Oubre Jr’s shooting woes, the Warriors have been consistent enough with their recent efforts, maintaining above a 50% win share.

James Harden debut at the Brooklyn Nets

To say that James Harden has been playing well would be an understatement. It may not be a large sample size, but the former MVP’s has averaged 33/8.5/13 in his first two games as a Nets player.

The stars of the team, James Harden and Kevin Durant were formerly teammates on a young Oklahoma City Thunder team and have now become reunited. The two MVP-calibre players are dubbed ‘The Beard’ and ‘Slim Reaper’ amongst NBA fans and seem to be gearing up to win it all. However, the Brooklyn Nets still have a problem with a jarring lack of a strong player at center position.

Caris LeVert’s trade to Indiana Pacers may be a blessing in disguise

Upon being traded to the Indiana Pacers as part of a four-team deal that sent James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets, Caris LeVert underwent a physical before joining Indiana where a small mass was found on his left kidney. It is still to be determined what it may be, but for the moment the young forward is out indefinitely while he undergoes further tests.

This could potentially have a serious impact on LeVert’s health outside of the game going forward. While fans and the organization would love to debut their young star as soon as possible, that will have to wait until the situation is further inspected.

“Obviously, I want to play as soon as possible. I’m a competitor; I love to play the game. But for me, I think making sure I’m good healthwise is most important. So, as far as timeline and everything like that, we’ll definitely figure it out sometime in the future. But right now, we just don’t have those answers.”

Before heading to Indiana, LeVert was averaging 18.5/6.0/4.3.

3rd Week of NBA 2020-2021 Season: James Harden to Brooklyn (gamingsafe.net)

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