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5G Network enabled eSports hub in the Philippines

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5G Network enabled eSports hub in the Philippines

Smart’s 5G network can support cross-platform cloud gaming in the Philippines – when can we see it in the rest of SEA?

In a nationwide first, mobile carrier Smart Communications kicked off the first 5G-enabled eSports hub in the Philippines, marking the occasion with the first cross-platform gaming exhibition match hosted on the cloud.

The fast-growing gaming industry is expected to be transformed by the next-gen cellular technology.

5G’s ultra-low latency and extremely fast speeds will enable new worlds for gamers to interact like never before, essentially eliminating lag, and contributing to the further growth and transformation of the booming eSports industry.

As one of the first territories in Southeast Asia (SEA) to launch a 5G network, Smart celebrated the launch with the inaugural eSports match between two teams in the Philippines. One team was playing on mobile devices while the other team joined the match from gaming computers.

The matchup demonstrated that the 5G network was not only fast enough and with little enough latency to play high-performance online games, but that cloud gaming would be possible on the network.

For the uninitiated, cloud gaming enables games to be run on cloud servers instead of being stored locally on the device – think downloading the game to your hard drive or from an app store to your phone.

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