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News: 918Kiss (SCR) Mati?

by new_c_admin

918Kiss one of Malaysia’s most popular games was previously known as SCR888 or just simply SCR. They were popular because their games were supported on both Apple and Android and didn’t require a fast connection to play.

It became so popular that an exact clone came on to the market SCR2, many were confused but slowly it too gained its group of loyal players. Then there were many touting to be the original but it was a “play at your own risk” as it is with any other operator in the grey market.

Just How Popular is 918Kiss?

A search on Google will show you 3.7 million results! And the search volume for the main keyword of 918kiss is almost a quarter of a million and there is literally too many of its variants to count.


Has 918Kiss Finally Said Its Last Goodbye?

Starting last week, the game started to face problems and within days it went down and has stayed down. So any website that touts it to be the original is definitely NOT AUTHENTIC! However, we will be doing a review on SCR2 which many have said provides the same experience.

Some operators we have interviewed on the condition of being anonymous shared with us that although the games are down the backoffice was still operational. Many say that Today they should know with some certainty if 918Kiss will continue to operate as they’re on a weekly billing cycle.

There are too many rumours to list but here are a list of whats consistent that we have heard, we advise you to draw your own conclusion at your own discretion:-

  1. Bank accounts have been frozen thus causing them to be unable to do settlements with their agents and also that of any other related accounts
  2. Players have also been contacted by banks on why they are transacting with said accounts

As the old Chinese saying goes:   树大招风 (When the tree is large, it attracts the wind). 918Kiss is perhaps one of the largest if not the largest gambling sites in Malaysia.

In conclusion, we recommend our readers to play only at trusted gambling sites. Trusted gambling sites will still pay you if anyone upstream defaults. You can find more information on trusted gambling sites in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia here.

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