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A great year awaits gamers

by new_c_admin

With eSports gaining popularity as well as exciting game releases, 2019 looks like a big year for the gaming community, writes Aiman Maulana

We’ve seen a number of excellent game releases, a better support system for indie game developers across the globe, as well as the rapidly growing popularity of eSports.

This signals a better year for the gaming community.


The Nintendo Switch is the most innovating game console yet and it has already sold 22.86 million units since its launch in June 30, 2018.

This number is dwarfed by the PlayStation 4 with 91.6 million units, which has been around for six years whereas the Nintendo Switch is only 1½ years old.

With rival consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at the end of their life cycle, consumers who have yet to own one are less likely to purchase them compared to the Nintendo Switch, which still has a long life ahead of it, meaning more games are on the way.


As technology advances, the need for stronger hardware rises over time.

However, there may come a point where hardware upgrades may be too costly for consumers. Instead of purchasing hardware, what if you can subscribe to an online service that will handle compute processing? That is cloud computing and it can theoretically be applied to games as well, paving the way for cloud gaming.

It is expected that activities surrounding cloud gaming will begin to grow significantly especially with efforts from Google’s Project Stream and Microsoft’s Project xCloud. There may also be other industry players joining the fray as interest on cloud gaming such as from publishers and other tech giants continues to grow.

However, Harding-Rolls noted that while interest will grow, it will still be too soon to see a significant commercial impact.

He added that “current services are a niche market opportunity at less than two per cent of overall games content and services spend, and I don’t see new services changing this market dynamic quickly”. It’s akin to the beginning of something new rather than rapid adoption of the technology.


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