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Bingo Billions! Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Bingo Billions! Slot

Bing-gooooooooo! Kick off your dreams of becoming a billionaire right now with one of the hottest slot games: Bingo Billions!

Bingo your way to riches in this intensely exciting virtual slots machine and let lady luck grab you by the balls to the luckiest moments of your life! Win real Malaysian Ringgit in this no-holds barred race to the top, and let nothing stop you from achieving your dreams!

What is Bingo?

Bingo Billions is inspired by the real life game of Bingo, where players have cards with random numbers on a card, and match the numbers on their cards with balls drawn from a bingo machine. When a player’s card numbers match the numbers on the balls drawn, they yell out “Bingo!” and win the prize!

Playing Bingo Billions!

Just like the real life Bingo game, Bingo Billions! takes after its look and feel – with bingo balls of various numbers, bingo scratch cards, a pile of money and a gold bar to represent the usual slots machine symbols. But instead of winning just a simple boring prize, Bingo Billions! lets you win the best prize of all – cold hard cash in Malaysian Ringgit!

Bingo Billions! Kicks off with exciting music and thrilling sound effects to keep you engaged with the game while you start raking in the money. Sharp and upbeat electronic music fill the atmosphere as you spin – you’ll never get bored when you’re constantly bouncing along with the tunes.

To start off with playing, you select the number of lines you wish to wager on – from one up to twenty five lines, and also the amount you wish to wager per line (maximum is based on the maximum bet allowed by the website). Then you hit the green play button on the right and you’re off to win big!

If you hit the symbol of the thumbs-up man, it acts as a “Wild” symbol and can match with any of the other symbols in the game! This increases your chances of winning that sweet, sweet MYR towards your ultimate goal of being a billionaire.

Online Slots Bonus Feature

When more than one Bingo Billions! logos appear, you’re in luck! If you hit two logos, you will get a multiplier on your wager. If three, four or five appear, you get 10, 15 or 20 games respectively! What’s more, all of your winnings during those free spins are 3x! That’s insane value!

Bingo Billions! also features an extra Gamble feature for those of us who are want to push our luck even further. As a wise man once said, “only those who are willing to take risk truly deserve to achieve the greatest form of victory”.

When you hit the Gamble button (the blue ball with heart and club suits), you get to bet your latest win on their minigame. The Bingo Billions! Gamble minigame is simple: you either pick red or black, or you pick a card suit. Winning the Gamble pays out two times your winnings (if you picked red or black) or four times your winnings (if you picked a card suit). And you can Gamble up to five times with your winnings. Are you willing to reach out and  grab the riches presented to you?

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Bingo Billions! also comes with an auto-spin function, which allows you to sit back and let the game spin itself for up to one hundred spins! You’re a busy person, we get it. Let the game play itself and watch the money roll in!

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