Bird of Thunder Slots Game Review

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Be one with the majestic creatures in frontier America and channel your inner spirits to bring out your biggest wins on this virtual slots machine with a Native American theme. Let the natural flow of the world bring you closer to the wealth you deserve!

The Thunderbird

The Native Americans believe in a mystical creature with great power and strength called the Thunderbird. This legendary creature throws lightning at underwater creatures and can create thunder by merely flapping its wings. They appear to only the greatest of people and are the messengers of the Great Sun.

Bird of Thunder comes in a beautiful theme very reminiscent of traditional Native American art and sculptures. It evokes a very naturalistic feel with the awe-inspiring totem poles on the sides, wooden interface and animal skin for their teepees as a backdrop for the slot reels.

The background music is a relaxing score based on tribal music of the Native American tribes, with shamanistic chanting blended with sounds of the wild. Listening to this, one feels transported into a different world when spinning this slots game. As each reel of the slots hit, it gives a reverberating thump, similar to the wardrums of the Native Americans. A truly otherworldly experience.

The slot reels themselves feature not only the standard 10, J, Q, K, A, but also painted forms of the great creatures of legend in Native American lore – the deer, the owl, the snake, the bison and the bear.

To embark on your journey to conquer the greatest riches, you must first select your coin value and your bet level. The coin value determines the amount in MYR for each coin you wager. The amount of coins available for you to bet is automatically calculated for you based on the credits available in your gaming website wallet balance, a very convenient function. The bet level you select lets you decide the amount of coins you wish to bet on each line in the slot game. Bird of Thunder plays a total of thirty lines – giving you a great chance of making matches in the slot reels.

The Bird of Thunder symbol represents the “Wild” symbol in this slots game – which means it can be used to substitute any other symbol in the reels and match up with them. What’s more, hitting three, four or five of these symbols grants you even greater winnings.

The bird totem symbol is the special feature trigger for Bird of Thunder. If you hit three or more of these symbols in a single spin, you will immediately get ten free spins in the slot game! Furthermore, if you hit four or five of these symbols, your winnings are multiplied by three or ten times respectively! Legendary!

Bird of Thunder features a minigame to gamble any winnings you get from your spins to double up instantly. Whenever you win a spin, you have the option of hitting the Gamble button. Doing so will bring you into the minigame where you can pick one out of four cards. If your chosen card is bigger than the dealer card on the left, your winnings are instantly doubled! If you’re feeling very lucky, you can do this more than once!

Auto-play is an essential function in any digital slot machine. Kick back and go pour yourself a drink while the game keeps on spinning and the winnings keep on rolling in! Bird of Thunder allows you to set auto play for up to five hundred spins. Besides that, it also allows you to finely adjust the settings so that the auto play will stop if your balance decreases by a certain amount, or if you win more than a certain amount in a single spin. This helps you better adjust your play strategy based on your current streak.

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