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Blacklist Online Casinos168Cash is a rip-off of another reputable trusted online site. It’s layout, text and domain name are almost completely copied and pasted in a poor attempt to make this site look like a legitimate online casino earning its rightful place on our list of blacklist online casinos. Their customer support/live chat function is inactive through every means of contact they provided (email/WhatsApp/WeChat) making the site very suspicious. In our experience, a site like this is very likely just a fake gaming site that is trying to scam customers money by getting them to deposit their funds into the site. There has also been some complaints from customers stating that customers weren’t able to withdraw their funds due to inability to contact anyone to process their withdrawal, or even when they get a reply, an excuse delayed the payout is given or in some cases the site has even voided the customers winnings.

Blacklist online casinosUWin29 is a phishing scam site that we have received various complaints about from our viewers. Currently, customers are still able to register an account with the site but the site has no active means of contact to deposit/withdraw funds. UWin29 does not only pretend to be a legitimate gaming site to cheat players’ into depositing funds, but we also have received reports that the site attempts to steal your credit card information and commit fraud by using bots and other tools to illegally access your email in an attempt to steal your personal data.



Note: This list will be constantly updated to account for any new gaming sites that might have been created recently to provide the best and most secure gaming environment for all our viewers. If viewers have come across any suspicious sites that you suspect is scamming customers, or any illegal activity, please contact us and we shall investigate further before verifying if it is suitable to be added to our blacklist online casinos site list. To view our list of trusted sites, please click here!