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Blood Lore Vampire Clan Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Blood Lore Vampire Clan Slot

“You fear the darkness. Some of us relish it.”

Meld into the darkness of the night alongside the creatures of nocturne. Discover how easy it is to slip by unnoticed while you win big in the Blood Lore Vampire Clan slots game today.

Clans of Darkness

Vampires are mysterious blood-sucking creatures of the night. They are present in fiction and myths throughout history, and live on as immortal beings. Hidden amongst the mortals in the mortal world. They are said to have form clans in this modern day and age. In a fashion not unlike those of the mafia and the underworld. Possessing a vast network and a great amount of knowledge. These vampire clans have gained much control over the world, controlling it from the darkness.

The Blood Lore Vampire Clan online digital slots machine takes on the classical gothic feel of its genre. Utilising mellow beats on the normal levels in the background music, and then kicking it up to eleven when on a bonus level. It takes many graphical inspirations from classical and modern vampire lore, thoroughly shown in the slots reels. The gun with silver bullets, the holy water flask, the mausoleum, the vampire brothers, the full moon, and the vampire queen herself.

Start Playing Blood Lore Vampire Clan

Come on into the world of darkness and intrigue. When you enter the Blood Lore Vampire Clan slots game, you are presented with a few choices – the number of lines, and the bet amount. The number of lines represents the number of ways you can make matches in this slots game – in this game you can go up to twenty lines! The more lines you choose, the bigger your chances of making matches and winning! The bet amount is the amount in MYR you would like to bet on each line in the slots machine. The more you bet, the bigger your winnings whenever you make matches on your spins!

The “Wild” symbol in the Blood Lore Vampire clan slots game is represented by the face of the Vampire Queen. The Vampire Queen symbol shows up and is able to help you make matches by substituting for any other symbol in the reels!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

The full moon draws near, and it also represents the Scatter symbol in this slots game. Whenever three or more Moon Scatter symbols appear, you are immediately given free games! Free game wins with Wild symbols are multiplied six times (6x)!

Take a gamble with the mistress of the night! Hit the Gamble button that lights up next to the spin button, and you will be brought into the Gamble Feature of the slots machine.

Blood Lore Vampire Clan also features an auto play functionality for those of us who would like to take it easy in their slots machine gaming style. In this slots game, you may click on the auto  play button and set the game to automatically spin for you for up to one hundred times! A very convenient feature for the busy ones!

Only through the darkness of the night will you discover why it is more captivating than the light. Embrace the vampire clan and stand your chance to win real life Malaysian Ringgit on this much anticipated online slots.

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