Bombs Away Slots Game Review

Saddle up, soldier! Uncle Sam wants you – to go on your biggest mission yet!

Relive the glorious moments of the greatest war in the century with Bombs Away. Gear up and charge your way to victory with this modern yet nostalgic representation of World War 2 through this memorable slots game by Qtech on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website –

Feel the raw emotions of the all-or-nothing attitude of the times as you make your courageous spins – both for excitement and also the Malaysian Ringgit your spins will bring.

A World at War

The Second World War is the greatest global conflict known to mankind, involving most countries in the world, and all the world’s greatest superpowers at the time. The Axis and The Allies fought in all sides of the world – and while it brought about great destruction, it also brought forth many advances to humankind – industrial, technological and social. It shaped the world as we know it today, and humankind made leaps and bounds after the war.

Bombs Away utilises a very nostalgic artstyle for its graphics – fully embracing the vintage art  used in recruitment posters during the war. It brings about a very unique feel, transporting us back to a more innocent and idealistic age. The symbols on this digital slot machine’s reels are represented by elements found on all sides during World War 2 – the foot soldier, his backpack of equipment, the grenade, the jeep, the tank, and the fighter plane. This setting can truly be appreciated by those with a taste for the retro theme.

Start playing Bombs Away

All troops at attention! To start on your mission to win Malaysian Ringgit in cash, you first have to set the value per coin, and then choose your bet level. The value per coin is self-explanatory, it decides the value each coin is in MYR. This value is automatically calculated by the software, so you don’t have to worry about counting it. The bet level sets the amount of coins you wish to bet per line. Bombs Away slots game allows you to bet on fifty lines! That greatly increases your chances of making matches on the reels and winning big!

The Wild symbol in Bombs Away is represented by the titular airstrike bombs. Whenever one of those bombs appear, they will explode and there is a chance of turning symbols next to them into bombs as well. If you’re lucky, you’ll trigger a chain reaction of explosions and make huge matches. So no matter how the initial board looks, keep calm and carry on!

Be sure to keep your eye out for the blonde bombshell babe riding a bomb! Not only is she good for the eyes, her bombs are worth looking out for! Get three or more of her, and you’ll instantly trigger ten free games! And that’s not all – she’ll also multiply your total wager put in! Now that’s a woman worth looking for!

During the free games special feature, you’ll also sometimes stand a chance to get an airplane coming in to drop bombs randomly on your reels. When that happens, it will instantly convert any slots hit by the bombs into Wild symbols. More matches, more wins!

Are you bold enough to charge into the trenches? No guts no glory! Gamble your winnings and double up! Whenever you win a spin in Bombs Away, you can activate the Gamble function in the game. This brings you into a mini game where you can pick one out of four cards. If your chosen card is of higher value than the dealer card on the leftmost corner, you instantly win twice the amount! And you can do this multiple times so that you can really test your luck on that hot streak! To the victor the spoils!

Bombs Away features an auto play feature, just like any other good digital slots machine. The game may be set half a century ago, but you’re living in the era of information technology and automation! Take advantage of technology, and let the game play itself for you! You can set the game to automatically spin for up to five hundred times. Beyond that, you can also set the game to stop auto play if your balance decreases by a certain amount, and also if a single win exceeds a certain amount. War is all about luck and strategy – playing slots games too!

Play Bombs Away Slots Game today!

Gear up and charge right into battle with Bombs Away digital slots machine today! Conquer those reels and win Malaysian Ringgit from the comforts of your own home on Malaysia’s number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website –! New players get instant bonuses!