Buccaneer’s Bay Slots Machine Review

Buccaneer’s Bay Slots Machine Review

Arr matey, dare ye sail the seven seas and plunder the treasure of Buccaneer’s Bay?

Join Captain Jock, mighty pirate, and his swashbuckling crew of seafaring pirates on their grand quest to loot the treasure of Buccaneer’s Bay and discover the Secret of Money Island! Play the Buccaneer’s Bay slots game by Qtech on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia – EMP88.com!

A pirate you are meant to be! Trim the sails and roam the seas! Don’t be a landlubber! Embark on this journey to plunder the greatest treasures in the Caribbean and win cash in Malaysian Ringgit. Start playing this online digital slots machine on EMP88.com today!

The Secret of Money Island

Head out into the open seas with Captain Jock Swallow and explore the Caribbean! Piracy was a high era in the history of the Caribbean, with many epic tales of adventure and courage – and of course, riches! Many young men have taken up on the challenge to better themselves, to pillage and plunder from the many islands in the Caribbean.

Buccaneer’s Bay slots game features the fantastical adventurous aesthetics of the classical swashbuckling adventure. The backdrop is covered with a relaxing Caribbean beach along  with its lush tropical greenery on one side, and the deep blue ocean on the other. While idle, the game features the soothing sound of the waves. But the moment you start spinning the slots reels, the game explodes into high gear – an epic tune to properly match your adventurous spirit!

The symbols on the reels are wholly represented by images which captures the gritty nature of the times – the telescope, the ship’s wheel, the mystical compass, the skull and crossbones, the treasure map, the classic pistols, and Captain Jock, his first mate, his navigator and his ship.

Start Playing Buccaneer’s Bay

Set sail on your adventure with Buccaneer’s Bay online digital slots machine – discover the treasure and win Malaysian Ringgit! To start playing, all you have to do is select the amount you wish to wager on each line, and press the spin button! Buccaneer’s Bay slots game allows you to bet on twenty five lines. The more lines to bet on, the better your chances of making matches on your spins and win!

The Wild symbol is represented by the golden gears, and will substitute for any of the symbols except for the Scatter symbol. This will allow you to make even more matches and win big! Dig up the biggest amount of treasures!

The Chest Scatter symbol is the treasure you are looking for! When you hit three of the chests, you are awarded with ten free games! When you hit four chests, you win fifteen free games! And if you hit five chests, Lady Luck has blessed you and you will immediately get twenty free games! All spins on your free games  will win you triple (3x) the amount of normal spins, and you can win even more free spins if you hit more Scatter Chest symbols!

Embrace your sense of adventure! Be the cunning gambler and use the Gamble function in Buccaneer’s Bay slots game! Whenever you win a spin, you are gifted with the opportunity to hit the Gamble button that appears to the right of the spin button. Hitting the Gamble button will bring you into a mini game which allows you to either select from Red or Black, or select from one of the four card suits. Once selected, the card in the middle will be flipped over! If you select the correct colour out of Red or Black, your winnings will be instantly doubled (2x)! If you select the correct card suit, your winnings will be instantly quadrupled (4x)! Take a chance, treasures await you!

Buccaneer’s Bay also features a handy auto play function, which allows you to set the slots game to automatically spin itself for up to one hundred times! Step back and let the Caribbean winds take you to where you are meant to go!

Play Buccaneer’s Bay Slots Game today!

All aboard and set sail on the biggest adventure of your life! Seek out the Buccaneer’s Bay and win Malaysian Ringgit on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia today – EMP88.com! New players get an instant free bonus!