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Carnaval Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Carnaval Slot Game Review

Carnaval Slot Game

For anyone who has been to or seen pictures of carnivals around the world, particularly the most famous of all in Brazil, then you’ll know just what to expect from this slot game from Microgaming. For those who have not, then think bright and bold colours with a big party atmosphere and musical themes and you’ll be along the right lines. Without further ado let’s check out Carnaval Slot Game.

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Carnaval Gameplay

Carnaval comes with 5 reels and 9 pay lines, paired with a number of entertaining bonus features, this is not just all about the bright graphics and bold design though. There is a very fun slot game behind those graphics, which will provide hours of enjoyment.

You can’t help but get into a good mood, ready to play slots, from the first minute you take a look at this slot game. From its bold colour scheme of bright purples, golds, blues and pinks, to its colourful symbols and party themes which are found on both the game board and reels, it’s an explosion of excitement.

Online Slots Bonus Features

The wild logo, as you might expect, acts as the wild symbol and it can replace any other symbol in the game, other than the Scatter. This gives an increased chance of creating that winning line for a big win.

The Scatter symbol gives you the chance to multiply your winnings by various sized multipliers. Hitting 2 scatter symbols will multiply it by 2x, hitting 3 scatter symbols will multiply it by 10x, hitting 4 scatter symbols will multiply it by 25x and by hitting 5 scatter symbols you’ll multiply it by a massive 50x. This is a great opportunity to really increase your winnings.

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