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China crackdown illegal gambling

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China has renewed warnings against illegal gambling by its citizens in Southeast Asia as it pushes for joint action with regional law enforcement agencies to crack down on the activity.

Gambling is illegal in China and yet so many Chinese nationals have set up online gambling websites offshore, particularly in Southeast Asia.

Offshore illegal gambling is still punishable under Chinese law because of many customers carrying out the transactions in yuan.

China will push for joint action with regional law enforcement agencies to crack down illegal gambling activity.

The most recent warning comes from Chinese embassy in Manila said:

Chinese companies and individuals in the Philippines will be “punish in accordance with Chinese law” for any involvement in illegal gambling

The embassy also urged Manila to do more to stamp out online gambling and protect Chinese citizens exploited by the industry.

The Philippines is a big focus of China’s offshore efforts to clamp down on the practice. In April 2017, 55 people based in the Philippines were arrested in a joint crackdown by Chinese and Philippine police on cross-border illegal gambling.

Later that year, Chinese and Philippine police raided a gambling ring in Metro Manila and arrested almost 80 Chinese nationals who did not have legal immigration documents, according to Philippine media.

Associate professor Li Mingjiang, from Nanyang Technological University’s S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, said Chinese police played an advisory role in the operations.

“Chinese police come to the target country, help provide intelligence and advise local police,” Li said.

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