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Chinese detained for online gambling

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Online Gambling

Twenty-eight Chinese nationals including three women believed to be involved in online gambling were arrested in a raid at a luxury bungalow at Jalan Kasawari, Ampang Jaya on Saturday 9 Nov.

Selangor contingent Anti-Vice, Gambling and Secret Societies Division staff officer DSP Azmi Shukor said during the raid at around 1.40pm, all individuals aged 20 to 44 were detained at the luxury residence which is believed to be the operation centre for online gambling activities organised by international syndicates.

“Initial investigations found that all of these individuals work as online gambling transaction operators at the operation centre,” he said in a statement.

He noted that police also confiscated 25 laptops, 28 smartphones of various brands and one internet browser modem with various online gambling applications and websites operated by all the chinese.

“The syndicate is believed to have been active in online gambling activities for the past two months and further investigations into the case have been conducted under Section 4(1)(C) of the Common Gaming House Act 1953 and Section 4(1)(G) of the same act,” he said.

Azmi also called on the public who have the information on online gambling activities to come forward to provide information to any nearby police station. 

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