Cloud Tales Slots Game Review

Cloud Tales Slots Game Review

When it comes to game variety, perhaps no other software developer in the industry is as eclectic as London based producer iSoftBet. Cloud Tales is a prime example of that, the game play designer, visual team and theme guys all seem to have worked completely independently on this new video slotand then come together at the last minute. The end result is a fabulously insane slot, which will have you coming back over and over again.

If you like the idea of floating mushroom islands in the clouds, underwater bubbles, crazy animated characters and insanely good graphics, this game is for you. It feels almost like a video game rather than a slot and the social media game influence is very clear. This was a game designed to be played and enjoyed, the 9 pay-line structure of this 5×3 slot fits well with that, making it easy to follow, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the show.


Theme? What theme! I don’t know what they feed the designers over at iSoftbet – but sign me up to that diet if it makes you this creative. The Cloud Tales game, as you might expect from the title, takes place in a psychedelic cloud filled sky, which of course is populated by floating mushroom islands, because that’s what you usually see in clouds no? Crazy or not, it is beautifully rendered, and wonderful to look at.

The reels are transparent, which is a perfect match on this game, as it prevents the backdrop being obscured, its created entirely in HTML5 and displayed perfectly for us on all devices from web browser to mobile tablet. No stuttering or stalling, I don’t see flash games lasting all that long now with the advances in this new format, I note the start spin button is transparent to ease touchscreen use.

Gameplay & Features

All show and no go? Not at all! Cloud tales eschews traditional gameplay with the same attitude that it rid itself of standard theme requirements. The 9 pay-lines are fixed to make the gameplay easy to follow, I actually think the lack of a complicated 1024 ways to win structure actually helps this game massively, it would detract from the entertainment factor to be constantly trying to figure out the win line construction.

The bonus wins combinations on the game are also highly unusual, there is no traditional pick win bonus game round or free spins on offer, the game’s action is all focused in one enveloping base game which is packed with a variety of multifunctional wild symbols. With games more and more leaning towards massive bonus rounds and neglecting base game play, this is a complete turnaround.

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