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Coyote Crash Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Coyote Crash Slot

Step on the gas, baby! We’re going on a wild ride in the desert!

Join the mysterious Coyote on his biggest heist yet – to grab all the gold hidden in the great vault in the desert! Play the Coyote Crash slots game by Habanero today on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia – lala88.com!

The Heist in the Desert

The desert has always been a dry, vast and unwelcoming environment. Its harsh nature has driven away all but the most resilient life. However, this very quality of the great desert has made it an extremely attractive for those who do not wish to be found – those who possess great riches build giant hidden vaults hidden under the sand.

The Coyote has caught wind of one such hidden vault – and he has a plan. He invites you to join him on his one big job that will make everyone in the crew rich beyond your wildest dreams. Do you dare to take on the challenge and the scorching desert heat in this heart-pounding slots game?

Coyote Crash online digital slots machine takes on a whimsical anthropomorphic take on your fast-paced car heist genre – similar to Fast and Furious, but with a cutesy cartoon twist. The background lays a vast but serene desert landscape, and the reels take on symbols representing both sides of the adventurous heist – the cactus, the scorpion, the cop car, the lizard (who is also the Coyote’s partner in crime), the bear cop in hot pursuit, the TNT used to blast a hole into the vault, and our titular Coyote.

Start Playing Coyote Crash Online Slots

Start your engines! Kick into gear and get ready for your big heist! This slots game allows you to select from one to twenty five lines to bet on per spin – the more lines you bet on, the bigger your chances of winning!

Get Wild! The Coyote symbol is the “Wild” symbol in this slots game. When he appears, he will help you make more matches by substituting for any other symbol on the reels! Hop in and set on a wild ride!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

Help the Coyote gather TNT! The TNT symbol is the Scatter symbol in the Coyote Crash slots game. It help the Coyote blast a hole into the vault of gold! If you manage to hit three or more TNT symbols on your reels during a spin, you instantly win free games! And that’s not all – all your wins during your free spins are quadrupled (4x)! That’s something you definitely want to keep your eyes open for!

Take a risk, take a gamble! The Coyote Crash slots game allows you to gamble your winnings whenever you win on a spin!

Bust into the hidden vault of the desert and avoid the pesky roaming cops! Get lucky and you will walk away with your biggest haul ever in Malaysian Ringgit! Start betting today to win cash in MYR at lala88.com!

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