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Crown Resort Aus deemed unfit to hold a license

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Crown Resort Aus deemed unfit to hold a license

While the decision isn’t final, it paints a dark picture for Crown Resort Aus, but the company also has a chance to turn things around and get on the right track. 

Crown came under fire for several discrepancies recently, including accusations that it facilitated money-laundering activity and let war criminals gamble at its casinos. 

 As the investigation has continued, more damaging news surfaced, especially against its former chairman and current largest shareholder, James Packer.

Adam Bell had reviewed all of the information submitted over the past 48 days of public hearings and presented his findings to the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA).

He said, “We submit that the evidence presented to this inquiry demonstrates that the licensee is not a suitable person to continue to give effect to the license and that Crown Resorts is not a suitable person to be a close associate of the licensee.”

Bell asserted that there were “failures in Crown’s culture, its risk management and compliance processes,” and that the company’s continued attempt to deny any wrongdoing only exacerbated an already precarious stance regarding whether the company should hold its license. 

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