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Denmark to boost consumer protection

by new_c_admin

A new code of conduct for gaming operators active in the Danish market has been published, with the aim of strengthening consumer protection and lowering the risk of gambling addiction in the country.

The new code has been drawn up as a direct result of the Agreement on New Actions Against Gaming Addiction and the Game Agreement Adjustment of June 29, 2018, a political agreement that saw the Danish government commit to ensuring operators do their utmost to protect players.

“It is the intention of this code to strengthen consumer protection and ensure gambling does not evolve from entertainment to addiction,” the code states.

restrictions for adverts on television to set limits on when gambling ads can be shown, banning such adverts around children’s programming and possibly halting ads being shown in the same slots as payday loans providers.

The DOGA intends to review its new code at least once to a year to establish if it needs to make changes to any of the new measures.

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