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Diamond Crush Slot Game Review

by jenx
Diamond Crush Slot

Some beams of lights pierce the dark with a shocking flash- the diamonds!

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Diamond Crush Gameplay

Diamond Crush Slot

The silver diamond sparkles in the reflection of moonlight, the fiery red diamond glows with a burning passion, and the five-colored diamond has the most harmonious play of colors. They all have a magical power to bomb reels containing winning combination and generate new symbols to indulge players in loops of spinning.

If you’re like us and like to do some research before you start gaming, you’ll have no doubt seen that Diamond Crush offers a progressive jackpot; broken down into three levels, it’s quite a big one.

Diamond Crush Slot

Nevertheless, it’s still a feature we should break down and explain, especially if you’re new to online slot machines. This extra will only occur when you form a winning line, and it’ll only focus on the symbols making up that combination.

Basically when you form a win, the icons that helped you obtain victory will shatter (or explode) and be replaced by new tiles. While the other non-winning icons stay in place. This will keep on happening until no more wins are formed.


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