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Disco Double Slot Game Review

by Jenny
Disco Double Slot

Born out of the club scene in 1970’s New York City, disco was a musical form that took the world by storm. While it may only have enjoyed a short period as the leading style of music – its popularity had fallen off significantly by the mid-1980s – the influence of not only the songs but also the culture that surrounded this lush sound is still felt to this day, and many of the hits of this era are still familiar to audiences in many countries.

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Disco Double Gameplay

Disco Double Slot

If you want to relive some of the atmosphere of the height of this cultural phenomenon, then you might just want to play Disco Double by iSoftBet, an upcoming online slot machine from the popular developer. With a focus on classic slots principles, there’s definitely a blast from the past feel to this machine, and once you get the mirror balls into the action, you’ll be ready to dance the night away.

Saturday Night Fever

If we could use one word to describe the Disco Double video slot, that word would have to be “purple”. The reels backed in a deep purple. That’s the main color in the background too, along with some complimentary violet and pink. You’ll also see some lights, lens flares, and a sort of bubble effect in the backdrop. Giving the game a very lively and energetic atmosphere that’s perfect given the theme.

Since this machine isn’t out just yet, we can’t say for certain what betting options are available. However, it appears as though there will be a wide range of coin sizes offered, allowing for either low limit or high limit play depending on your preference. Gamblers should also get the opportunity to try a play for free version of the machine first, as are most iSoftBet games. The software by iSoftBet allows for play from desktop devices, but is also mobile-optimized so that you can use a tablet or smartphone to enjoy the action as well.

Slot Game Bonus Feature

The Disco Double video slot is a five reel machine with 20 paylines. The object of the game is to match symbols from left to right across your paylines, with two main types of classic icons available on the reels. There are three types of bars: single, double, and triple. There are also four different colors of sevens, coming in yellow, blue, green and red varieties.

Players also have the opportunity to get help from wild symbols, which can fill in as a substitute for any normal symbol in order to complete winning paylines. You’ll also want to watch out for scatter symbols, as hitting three or more anywhere on the screen will not only instantly award you with a prize, but will also earn you entry into a free spins round.

In this special feature, you’ll get 10 free plays, with most of the action being similar to what you’ll see during normal gameplay. However, there’s also a special mirror ball icon that can appear only in this bo