Dolphin Quest Slots Game Review

Dolphin Quest Slots Game Review

Dip into the underwater world with Eco the Dolphin!

Immerse yourself into the fishy world under the sea and dive into a world of mystery and relaxation in the Dolphin Quest Slots Game by Microgaming on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia –

Join Eco the dolphin in his friendly quest to wander the seven seas and dive into the depths of the ocean in search of treasure! Win real life Malaysian Ringgit in this online digital slots machine on!

Under the Sea

Legends tell us that the ocean holds many treasures. The oceans themselves are the last remaining frontier on the planet in which we have not explored. Inside the depths, you will be shown all the wonders of the mysterious places where man does not thread.

The Dolphin Quest slots game is a wonderful cornucopia of life under the deep ocean. Upon entering the game, the player is greeted with the pleasant beats of Caribbean Reggae music – immersing the player in a relaxing atmosphere, as if one is immersed in the depths of the sea itself. The reels on the slots are adorned with the denizens of the sea. The symbols on the reels are images of creatures such as the dolphins, the turtle, the octopus, the stingray, the lionfish, the puffer fish, the seahorses, the schools of tiny fish, and the mantis shrimp. Such an array of living creatures give this slots game gives it a sense of liveliness.

Start Playing Dolphin Quest Slots Game

When you dive into the boundless world of the Dolphin Quest, all you have to do is to make a simple decision. You have to decide the amount in MYR you wish to wager on each spin in the slots game. The more you bet,  the bigger amount you win whenever you make matches on the slots reels.

The Dolphin Quest logo is the Wild symbol in the Dolphin Quest online digital slots machine. Whenever it appears, it allows you to substitute for any other symbol that appears, helping you  make more matches than you normally would. The Dolphin Quest Wild logo is stacked, and is always a great thing to hit whenever you spin! Go Wild!

The Dolphin Scatter logo is another symbol you want to look out for whenever you spin in the  Dolphin Quest slots game. The Dolphin Scatter symbol also doubles as a Wild symbol, and whenever  three or more of the Dolphin Scatter symbol appears, you will trigger the Dolphin Quest Bonus! The Dolphin Quest Bonus is a bonus quest that grants you a bonus of bonus spins and other game bonuses. What a bonus! Bonus wins are added to payline bets, and bonus wins are multiplied by total bets!

The Dolphin Quest slots game is an immersive and fun underwater adventure for all. Whenever you spin the slots game, you make a wager against the machine, and get a chance of winning Malaysian Ringgit! There are two hundred and forty three ways to win in this game, and whenever you make matches, the pay table in the game info screen will tell you how much you have won.

Use the auto play functionality to automate your gameplay and increase your winning output! Let the game play itself automatically when you hit the Auto Play button on the left of the bet indicator. The function allows you to set the  game to automatically play itself for a certain amount of times, and also to automatically stop playing whenever certain conditions are met – usually in regards to the amount of winnings, or the amount lost.

Play Dolphin Quest Slots Game today

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