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Day three of the DreamLeague Major is now behind us. We saw two teams head home today, and our upper and lower brackets are beginning to take shape as we move towards the finals.
Let’s take a look at how the action played out on the main stage in Stockholm.


With the elimination matches out of the way, we moved on to round 1 of the upper brackets. Our first series saw PSG.LGD face Mineski in a Bo3.

Things started out fairly even in game one. Both Mineski and LGD were playing cautiously, concentrating on pushing lanes and gaining farm. Ahjit’s Ember Spirit was leading the net worth and things looked promising for Mineski, who seemed to be looking to finish quickly and avoid LGD’s powerful line-up in the late game.

But LGD played like a well-oiled machine. They took Roshan at twenty-minutes and used the momentum to push into Mineski’s tier 2 towers. This was the beginning of the end for Mineski. At twenty-four minutes, LGD pushed the rax, taking the fight to Mineski’s base. GG was called at 28 minutes, and LGD took out game one of the series.

Game two saw LGD playing to win. They took out first blood on Kpii’s Viper pick. This was the beginning of a strong laning phase for the Chinese team that saw them taking the lead in both kills and net worth

Mineski did their best to push back, but LGD’s game was relentless. At thirty minutes, LGD were once again attacking the high ground and pressuring mid rax. With no where left to hide, Mineski found themselves cut down in their base one by one. LGD secured game two in 35 minutes.

Ame was definitely the standout player for LGD in this series. He had had zero deaths across both games and took out 26-kills.

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