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Dr. Feelgood Slot Game Review

by jenx
Dr Feelgood Slot

Nobody likes a visit to the hospital, but the game we are about to introduce here could very well change your mind about that.

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Dr. Feelgood Habanero

Dr. Feelgood Slot

Dr. Feelgood is a Habanero video slot game starring a charismatic doctor who looks more like a film star than a medical professional. Nevertheless, he and his staff are ready to mend broken bones, cure diseases and fill up your wallet altogether with a few special features that we cannot wait to introduce to you.

So in order to make sure both you are healthy, both physically and financially, let’s check in and ask for an appointment with Dr. Feelgood right away…

Slot Game Bonus Feature

The paytable of Dr. Feelgood consists of 10 different hospital-related symbols that you need to collect to win specific cash rewards, which depend on their rarity.

The most common symbols represent a teddy bear, a prescription pad, a hospital bed, some flowers and chocolate, a stethoscope and a telephone. The maximum reward available here corresponds to 500 coins, which is already far from being negligible.

The ambulance, hospital, patient and doctor symbols are much rarer on the reels, but also even more valuable than the rest of the menu. For instance, a 5-doctor combination on a payline is worth no less than 25,000 coins at once. So stay focused and do not let your chance for a big win slip away.

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