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Dragon 8 Slot Game Review

by jenx
Dragon 8 Slot

Venture into “Dragon 8” for the winnings now!

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Dragon 8 Gameplay

Dragon 8 Slot

Far in the remote mountain of the northwest of China, it is said that there lies a rare dragon. 80-feet-long, shining with golden scales, the dragon is the guardian of the holy Dragon Ball and treasure. Whoever conquers the dragon will be blessed with a life of unlimited wealth.

When it comes to basic symbols, you can expect seven different symbols. To be more precise there are just two symbols, but they come in different colors – an orb and dragons in the form of lucky eights.

On the other hand, there’s a triple dragon symbol and that’s the wild symbol. It counts as all other symbols whenever it can help a player finish a winning combo. This is also the highest paying symbol. A combo with one or two wild symbols and a single purple orb will deliver a cash reward too. 


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