Dragon Palace Slots Game Review

Dragon Palace Slots Game Review

Enter a world of wonder and mystery, where few have laid eyes upon.

Take a gander into mystical and mysterious world of the Dragon Palace, where beyond the gates lie great treasures, riches and fortune. Grab a piece of your own in Dragon Palace online digital slots machine by Qtech on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia – EMP88.com!

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Palace of the Dragon

In times long past, the Emperor of China was seen as a being that is greater than humans. He stands in a place where mortals cannot reach, closer to the gods than to the masses of people beneath him. In a sense, he is seen as a great dragon that rules over the entire nation of China, and to lay eyes on him is to lay eyes on a divine being.

The Dragon Palace slots game captures this feeling in its entirety, with its grand backdrop of lush greenery standing behind an imposing gate adorned by an ornate dragon of gold. The music captures a majestic yet calm emotion whenever you spin the reels in this slots game. The many astounding features of the Dragon Palace is represented in the symbols of the slots reels – the beautiful lotus flowers, the golden coins, the turtle of longevity, the koi fish of prosperity, the dauntless palace guards, the palace above the clouds, and the great dragon itself.

Start Playing Dragon Palace Slots Game

When you step into the realm of the great dragon, you will have to prepare yourself for a bit before you can start raking in the great wealth in MYR. To get started in the Dragon Palace online digital slots machine, all you have to do is to adjust the total amount of bets you wish to put into  this slots game on the bottom left. The higher you bet, the bigger amount you win when you make matches on the reels! This slots game has 243 ways to win! You are able to make matches as long as you have the same symbols show on adjacent reels, regardless of the rows they show up in!

The “Wild” symbol in this game is represented by the great dragon itself! Whenever the great dragon symbol appears in the reels, it will help you make matches with any other symbol in the reels, allowing you a greater chance of making matches and winning it big! Every now and then, the great dragon will breathe  fire onto the reels of the slots game itself, revealing even more dragon symbols and making even more matches for you!

Keep your eyes open for the Scatter Palace symbols! The Scatter Palace symbols are the trigger for the special feature of the Dragon Palace slots game – free games! When you hit three Scatter Palace symbols, you get eight free games! When you hit four of those symbols, you get twelve free games! If you manage to hit five of these highly sought after Scatter Place symbols, you instantly get twenty free games!

Whenever you win on one of your spins, you are given a chance to use the Gamble function in the Dragon Palace slots game! The Gamble icon will light up next to the spin symbol, and when you click on the Gamble symbol, you are brought into a mini game. This mini game lets you pick between Red or Black, or one of the four card suits. If you select the correct colour between Red or Black, you immediately double (2x) your prior winnings! If you manage to pick the correct card suit out of the available four, you immediately quadruple (4x) your winnings! What’s more – you can repeat this process if you are feeling the luck of the dragons upon you!

The Dragon Palace online digital slots machine not only takes on a mythical theme –  it also allows you to take advantage of the comforts of modern technology! Take a step back and let the dragon guide your spins! In the auto play function in this slots game, you can set the game to automatically play itself from five to one hundred times! Let fate take the wheels and watch the Malaysian Ringgit roll in!

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