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Dragon’s Realm Slots Game Review

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Dragon’s Realm Slots Game Review

“The land is in ashes, the dragon reigns. Will a hero rise and prevail?”

Ride into a world of chivalry, gallantry and honour with the dragon knights of the dragon’s realm. Keep your head high and brave the harsh lands filled with dragons and danger on this fantastical slots game by Qtech on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia.

What you need to aim for is the dragon’s heart. Keep your aim true and hunt the dragon down, and you will win over the princess, and also the great treasures hoarded and hidden by the dragons in their cavern vaults.

Let your arrows fly true, and take aim.

A Land of Peril and Fantasy

In a land fraught with danger brought upon by the mighty but ferocious dragons, it is said that a hero will appear. The dragons have come and taken over the lands, but there is one they fear. This great hero is prophesied to have a mighty sword arm and is fully clad in armour. The blood of dragons run through his vein – a great power given to only a very few, and is extremely rare. This hero will retake the lands, slay the dragons and the princess, and collect the endless piles of treasure left behind. The legend has said so, and the hero will appear. Will you be the hero to save the lands from the dragons?

The Dragon’s Realm slots game takes on the thematic facade of high fantasy and adventure – a world of magic and wonders. The backdrop of the slots reels show beautiful green mountains among mountains of rock – the caverns of the great dragons and their treasures. The background music takes on a very adventurous, bard-like vibe, and certainly immerses you into the environment, setting you up in the mood for adventure! The slots reels are represented by faithful graphical images of the iconic features in the fantasy dragon realm – the great castle of the knight, the great knight, the beautiful princess captive, the mighty armoured steed, the holy grail, and the piles of treasure in a box for you to plunder.

Play Dragon’s Realm Slots Game

Take a step into the right direction by making the right choices right in the beginning. When you start up the Dragon’s Realm slots game, you are faced with a few decisions that will decide the course of your adventure  in the Dragon’s Realm. You can pick the value per coin, the number of lines, and the bet level in this slots game. The value per coin is the amount in MYR which is represented by each coin in the game. The bet level represents the number of coins you wish to bet on each line in the game. The more you bet, the bigger you winnings when you hit matches on your spins! You can pick up to twenty five lines in this online digital slots machine – the number of lines represent the number of ways you can make matches in this online slots game. The more lines you use, the higher chance you have of making matches and winning cash!

The Wild symbol is represented by the Red Dragon symbol. When the Red Dragon symbol appears, it will help you make more matches on the reels by substitute for all other symbols in the game except for the special Scatter Shields (mentioned below). The Red Dragon symbol is special in the way that it only appears on reels one and five. On first sight, this looks like a disadvantage. However, the red dragon symbol always expands to fill up the entire reel – meaning you have triple the chances of making more matches and winning! When the Red Dragon symbol helps substitute for other symbols, it will also double your winnings!

The Blue Dragon Shield symbol is the Scatter symbol in the Dragon’s Realm slots game. Whenever you get the Shield Scatter symbol on this slots game, you are given the special feature. Scatter wins are added to line wins, and scatter wins are multiplied. When three, four or five Shield Scatter symbols appear on the reels, it will immediately trigger eight, twenty or thirty free games respectively. Red Dragons are replaced by Gold Dragons during this special feature free games. Gold Dragons can appear on reels one, three and five. Any Gold Dragon that appears will expand to fill its entire reel, like its Red counterparts. Prizes in free games are doubled on normal wins. If you make matches with Gold Dragon symbols, your winnings are multiplied by six times (6x)! Additional free games can also be won during the free game spins, so keep it rolling and win bigger and bigger!

Start Playing Dragon’s Realm Slots Game today!

Enter the realm of fantasy, the realm of dragons..

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