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Dragon’s Throne Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Dragon’s Throne Slot

Are you ready to win the iron prize?

Join the mother of dragons on the Dragon’s Throne in this epic slots game. Make her bend the knee and mother your dragons as you spin and win big in one of the best slots game.

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Mother of Dragons

In legends from tales of old, a mother of dragons is said to emerge from a bed of fire. That woman will rise to be the greatest of all the land, and able to command dragons as if they were her own children. Dragons in ancient Western folklore are said to hoard massive piles of gold and live in volcanic caves. The stallion who can mount the mother of dragons will not only gain her dragons, but also the unimaginable wealth of gold.

In Dragon’s Throne you go on a quest to conquer the mother of dragons with dragons of your own. The slots game represents this quest in an immersive manner. Your regular slots reels are represented by the card suits 10, J, Q, K, and A in runic letter style, completely fitting for the theme. The special slots reels are represented by dragons of various elements, including the yellow dragonling, the classical red dragon, the black dragon, and the frost dragon.

Start Playing Dragon’s Throne Slots Game

It is always a blessing to have the mother of dragons show up during your spins! When the mother of dragons appear, she represents the “Wild” symbol. Let her get wild and represent any of the other symbols in the game, giving you an even bigger win!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

Unlike most other slots games, Dragon’s Throne has a really interesting mini game attached to its scatter feature:

Whenever you hit any of the dragon symbols in the centre of the first reel, the Dragon’s Throne symbol on the third reel, and the same dragon as the first reel in any position on the fifth reel, you trigger the free games feature! This feature is unique as you enter a battle scene against another dragon. Hit any spin, and deal damage to the enemy dragon!

With every battle you win, you move onwards, regain your health, and continue multiplying your winnings! Defeat all three normal dragons, and the frost dragon is revived for a final battle! Break down walls and charge down south! Defeat the frost dragon from the north and gain a multiplier based on your remaining health!

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A true king always pushes his luck. Gamble your winnings! Whenever you make a win on your spin, you have the opportunity to take things even further with the game’s Gamble function.

Hold the door for opportunity to come into your life! Spin on Dragon’s Throne online digital slots machine and win real life Malaysian Ringgit! When playing the Dragon’s Throne, you win and you win!

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