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Drone Wars Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Drone Wars Slot

To boldly go where no gambler would go before!

Feel the void of space and embark on a journey of epic proportions and unknown treasures hidden in space!

A Robot War in Space

In a future not too far away, humans would have conquered spaceflight. With this leap in technology, mankind has started shooting for the final frontier – the stars. As our power and influence into the depths of space increase, we have begun fighting proxy wars with machines – drones built specially for wars in space. With this, a new age in spacefaring society has begun – we have begun an age of great strife, progress and innovation. The space age has begun.

The Drone Wars slots game fully captures the experience of being smack dab in the middle of the spacefaring drone wars – the emotion of action and intrigue, mixed with the advances of technology and pushing towards the frontier. When you spin the reels in this slots game, you are thrust  into their world as the music sparks to life – an uplifting futuristic music which invokes a feeling of exploration and wonder, intertwined with futuristic sound effects of space and technology.

The reels are another aesthetically pleasing feature of the Drone Wars slots game – the reels of the slots machine feature the wonders of spacefaring mankind – the neutrino bomb, the robot drone, the purple space man, the red space man, the balloon shaped space ship, the green laser pistol gun, and the black hole.

Start Playing Drone Wars Slots Game

Blast off into the wondrous depths of space in the slots game! When you take off on your adventure, you are given the opportunity to make a few decisions before you start in the game – the number of lines, the number of coins, and the value of coin.

The number of lines designates the number of lines you wish to bet on in the reels on each spin. The more lines you bet on, the easier it is for you to make matches! Make those spins count, go use the maximum of twenty five lines and maximise your chances of winning big!

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All wins pay left to right on adjacent reels, beginning with the leftmost reel, except scatters. All wins are paid on lines played, except scatters, which are added to line wins. Highest win paid on any played line, except scatters. All wins are multiplied by the number of coins bet per line, except scatters.

The Neutrino Bomb symbol is the Wild symbol in the Drone Wars slots game. This Wild symbol will allow you to make more matches by substituting for the other symbols that appear. With this, you have a bigger chance of winning whenever the Neutrino Bomb Wild symbol appears in the Drone Wars slots game.

Online Slots Bonus Feature

The black hole is the Scatter symbol in the Drone Wars slots game. With the Scatter symbol appearing in the reels, you have a chance to access the special feature of the game. Whenever three or more of the black hole Scatter symbol appears, the Drone Wars Battle Plan Feature Select Screen is triggered. In this screen, you choose from between two missions –  Space Attack or Planetary Assault.

In the Space Attack mini game that has been triggered, The player is awarded five free spins. Drone fighters will attack symbols on each spin. The Drones will be destroyed turning the attacked symbol into the Wild symbol. All wins are paid after the  Drones are destroyed. If you manage to get three or more Black Hole Scatter symbols, you will re-trigger the Space Attack feature and get five additional free spins. Lines played and coins bet are the same as the game that triggered Space Attack free spins.

In the Planetary Assault mini-game, player will attempt to destroy the Drone base. The player will select drones to destroy. Each drone destroyed will award coins. Some drones will counter attack when they are being destroyed, damaging the player’s ship’s shields. The player’s ship has four shields. Once the fourth shield is damaged – the feature will end. If the player can destroy twenty drones before losing all shields, the player will win the Assault and be awarded a prize of fifty times the total bet.

Play Drone Wars Slots Game today!

Shoot into lightspeed and go gather the greatest treasures available from space – everything in the universe is out there for you to take!

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