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Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot Game Review

by jenx
Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot

In another industry first, Evoplay proudly release the first-ever RPG (role playing game) inspired slot. Designed to be HTML5 mobile-perfect for handheld gaming, the player takes the role of the game’s hero, with a third-person fully 3D camera tracking the player’s adventure throughout the game.

Despite the RPG elements and truly immersive gameplay. Dungeon: Immortal Evil stays true to its slots-based origins. All wins and losses are RNG-based, no skills or knowledge can help. It all comes down to the luck of the spin and the RNG algorithm.

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Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot
Dungeon Immortal Evil Slot

While every spin is a new journey through a different level with a random number of enemies and a mystery loot-based outcome for each, it is the additional rounds of Bonus gameplay that make this slot truly special.


To unlock the Bonus Achievements, the player must battle their way through a number of Dungeon spaces, fighting with enemies who protect the final level’s Boss. Every Bonus level has an RNG determined reward, equal to money, and once the player is victorious on each, there comes a chest with a random selection of a weapon, armour upgrade or health potion.

The final showdown comes with an epic boss fight and the chance to win a bet multiplier of up to 5000x!


Experience a step by step process of creating visuals and designs of the products. Evoplay Entertainment’s designers took the time to select unconventional plots and features for our games, ensuring users enjoy gaming at its finest.


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