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Esports: ECS S7 Week 2 Day 1 CSGO

by new_c_admin

The eight teams which will be vying for an ECS S7 Finals spot in both Europe and North America in the upcoming week have been confirmed.

The second ECS Season 7 cup will take place on March 18-21, in both Europe and North America, with the single-elimination BO3 bracket determining one LAN Finals participant from both regions. However, with the cup overlapping with the media and travel days for BLAST São Paulo, a number of high-profile teams are missing, giving an opportunity to backup squads.

In Europe, NiP and FaZe will be ceding their spots due to the tournament in Brazil, with Astralis, who won the first week, also not participating. Interestingly, OpTic (ECS S6) and Valiance (3-0 in Pinnacle Cup) who are currently in China for WESG, will not participate in the cup, while fnatic, who is still in competition there, is expected to take part.

North vs Virtus.Pro

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