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Elementals Slots Game Review

by new_c_admin

Elementals Slots Game Review

Master the four elements and rule them all.

Don’t wait for the fire nation to attack! Make the pre-emptive strike when you play the Elementals slots game.

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Enter this strange universe where the many elements that exist bend existence to their will. When you enter this online digital slots game, you are presented with a few very important choices to make. These choices will heavily influence the amount of winnings that you will get when you make matches – so choose wisely! Before you start your spins on the reels, be sure to carefully choose the coin size, the coins, and the lines. The coin size is the amount in MYR you wish for each coin in the game to represent. The coins is the number of coins you wish to wager on each of your spins in this slots game. The more you bet on each of your spins, the greater your winnings whenever you make matches! The lines are the number of lines you wish to wager your coins on each spin. The more lines you choose, the greater your chances of making matches! Maximise your chances of winning by choosing the maximum of twenty lines to bet on! If you want to make things easy for yourself and skip all that fuss – you can hit the Bet Max button next to the Spin button. This will automatically let the game client choose the appropriate amounts in the above options to fully maximise your potential gains! Bet more and win more! Make sure you pick the right choices!

The Wild symbol in the Elementals online slots game is represented by the multicoloured Wild symbol. When you hit this Wild symbol in the slots game, you are in for a treat! This Wild symbol will help you substitute for any other symbol in the game, except for the Scatter and Trigger symbols. The Wild symbol also doubles your wins, so really keep an eye out for these symbols and hope you hit them!

The Trigger symbol is represented by the E symbol. These Trigger symbols are scattered on reels one and five. When you manage to hit these symbols on both reels one and five, you will activate the feature. The feature will automatically grant you twenty Free Spins! Furthermore, all your wins are doubled during this special feature! Your free spins can be re-activated during the feature. All bets and lines played are the same as the game that started the free spins feature.

The Scatter symbol in this game will help you win more! These Scatter symbols do not have to be on any of your pay lines to win, so they really help out in maximising your winnings! These Scatter symbol wins are multiplied by total number of credits staked and are added to payline wins!

Take a risk or two. This is what you’re here for! Take a chance and you might just win it big! Whenever you make matches on the reels and hit a win, you are granted a chance to take things to the next level! Hit the Gamble button that appears and you are transported into the Gamble mini game. In this mini game, you are given a simple choice – either pick Red or Black. Once you have made your choice, the card in the middle will flip over. If the colour you have picked matches the colour of the card that has flipped over, you will immediately double up (2x) your winnings! Keep going and really maximise your winnings!

The Elementals online slots game also features the Auto Play feature, for your convenience. If you choose to utilise this feature, you can set the game to automatically help you spin and win for five up to five hundred times without human intervention! You can also set the game to automatically stop spinning whenever you hit a win that is greater than a certain amount of your choosing! Be the smart player! Do your own thing and let the game play this game for you. Win with zero effort, and just a bit of smart thinking in advance! Strategise and win it big!

Play Elementals Slots Game today!

Enter a universe where the elements are the masters and rule over all!

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