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Epic Gladiators Slot Game Review

by Jenny
Epic Gladiators Slot

Epic gladiators slot is themed around Gladiators fights. Don’t be misled by a pompous name of the game.

The product has an unusual cartoon-like design. The cute heroes leap and slash their way around the reels as you play!

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Epic Gladiator Gameplay

Epic gladiators boasts of unusual structure (7 row of symbols) and special playing field. On this field, the main character Kilevius fights against evil spirits. The game has eight regular symbols, golden skull emblem is the most high value symbol.

The symbols cascade down the screen and come to a rest. Matching five horizontal or vertical symbols will cause explosion. The symbols sitting above will fall into their place and the cascade starts again. The more wins you can string together, the bigger your payouts will be. Wild symbol – the bomb, it will substitute for all regular symbols in the game.

Slot Game Bonus Features

While it’s fun to see cute cartoon characters running around above the reels, these also serve a purpose. If you look above the heads of the skeleton warriors, you’ll see a row of hearts. As you line up matching symbols, the hearts disappear. However, the hearts will be restored if your run of success ends.

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It’s possible to wipe out three skeleton baddies if you keep hitting consecutive winning spins.


Player may get 10, 15 or 20 free rotations if you kill one, two or three bad guys respectively. The round starts with one gladiator picked at random, with each of these having his own special skills:-

  • MAXIMUS – Maximus gladiator brings free spins with x2 multiplier. For every baddie he kills, the multiplier will increased by one.
  • WILD CRIXUS – Wild Crixus gladiator turns up to 3 random symbols into Wild ones after each spin.
  • SPINTACUS – Spintacus gladiator makes 2 random symbols swap their positions with other symbols to make a winning combination.


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