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Marijuana – Performance Enhancing in Esports

by new_c_admin
esports and weed

Targeted testing of esports competitors is leading to a rethink about drug cheating in online gaming and which stimulants are more widespread, according to anti-doping expert Michele Verroken.

The former head of anti-doping at UK Sport, Verroken now runs the Sporting Integrity consultancy and carries out tests at a number of tournaments for the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC).

Adderall, a prescription amphetamine used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), has long been a concern since a gamer in the United States claimed in 2015 that it was the drug of choice.

In an interview with Reuters at an anti-doping conference organised by the Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC), Verroken suggested, however, that test results and player surveys indicated changing attitudes.

“The trend is to say ‘yes, we thought that Adderall was the problem but actually we’re beginning to now think that the testing has had an impact and people who might have been considering it are not doing it’,” she said.

“Now the players are saying we’re not so sure. We think you should be aware more about marijuana use as well.”Advertisement

Marijuana, usually classified as a recreational drug, can be performance-enhancing in esports if it helps a player relax in a stressful quick-fire environment where being too tense is a disadvantage.

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