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eSports are helping with the Malaysia economy

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eSports are helping with the Malaysia economy

The debt to GDP ratio is going up in Malaysia. In August the parliament of Malaysia voted for an allowance to borrow 60% of its GDP as a part of temporary measures to ease the crisis of pandemic on business.

As for now, the economical situation in the country is no petter so it is Possible for them to borrow even more debt for the future. 

The recovery plans are already set in the country. After the pandemic, the situation in Malaysia will be under control but currently, they are facing the worst economic recession in their history. 

The country needs to have effective health measures in order to come back to a normal way of living as soon as possible. It will bring the economy back and this is what the whole nation is streaming for.

Many industries fell in the economic crisis while COVID-19, but there is one industry that never stopped emerging in the Malaysian economy.

eSports are helping the country with its investments and events. This billion-dollar global electronic sports industry has attracted so much revenue to the Malaysian economy that one of the country’s future goals should be developing the gaming industry there. 

It also comes as no surprise that millennials are the driving mass of this trend in the country. Investors in Malaysia are developing the market with new technology just to make sure that eSports will be more widespread in the near future.

It all started in 2019 when Malaysians started to be more interested in the benefits of eSports. The government put so much effort into developing this industry that they are not getting the results of that.

Malaysia has already god the successful and popular eSport players who have made their names in the industry. The country is working on having regional conferences and summits about this topic. They also want to enhance the support of women in eSports and formulate licensed coaching hubs for it.

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