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Mobile Gaming’s Unstoppable Growth

by new_c_admin

If you are one of those gamers who was born before the 1990s and caught the first area of competitive video gaming, i.e. esports, then mobile gaming doesn’t really sound like something worth dwelling on. Even today, the West just doesn’t seem ready for mobile gaming – at least not what the fans of Diablo, Warcraft and StarCraft understand under ‘gaming’.

Just remember what happened when Diablo Immortal, the first game for mobile by Blizzard in the Diablo franchise, was announced. A person from the audience politely asked the presenter whether the announcement was meant as an ill-fated joke.

Yet, mobile gaming is big. Just look around you. Female players are seen all over the place. Believe it or not – women do play games, and they might even play more often than men. Men tend to play competitive or ‘cool’ games, whereas women are quite happy with casual games downloaded from the Google and App Store. And you are probably asking yourself – well, since that’s casual gaming, how big can it really be?

According to Newzoo, we’re looking at a $100-billion market for mobile games alone by 2021. Now you probably understand why mobile gaming is gaining momentum even in the west. Or to put it this way, companies are going to push more games for mobile – whether you like it or not.