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eSports: Razer sets asides 10 Million

by new_c_admin

Singapore: Homegrown gaming hardware maker Razer will be setting aside S$10 million over the next year to support e-sports and gaming activities here. 

In a Facebook post on Monday (Sept 9), Razer’s chief executive Tan Min-Liang said the funds will go into supporting e-sports teams here, as well as gaming or e-sports companies in Singapore, or those founded by Singaporeans.

Mr Tan added that the money will also go in part to Team Singapore, which Razer is supporting during the South-east Asian (SEA) Games in the Philippines.  

Razer is the official e-sports partner for the Games, which take place in November and will feature e-sports for the first time as a medalled sport.

Mr Tan said that his decision came after Trade and Industry Minister Chan Chun Sing outlined on Sept 4 the Republic’s plans to support startups and companies in the gaming industry here. 

Mr Tan added at the end of his post that his move was also partly triggered by a Straits Times forum letter on Sept 6 titled “E-sports is not a sport by definition”. 

The letter writer, Ms Juliana Foo, argued that unlike sports, e-sports does not require physical effort and skill. 

“Athletes train rigorously, abide by a strict diet and hone their physical prowess to compete face-to-face with the best in their chosen field. Gaming falls short in these aspects,” Ms Foo wrote.

She went on to say that e-sports “should not be in the SEA Games or similar events like the Olympics”. 

Mr Tan added in his Facebook post on Monday: “I thought I would put $10M into developing esports in Singapore just to troll the letter writer.” 

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