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Akan Datang – Malaysia Esports SEA Games 2019 Selection Grand Finals

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Esports Malaysia Association (ESM) today have revealed further details regarding the next stage of the SEA Games 2019’s squad selection for Malaysia. This followed the conclusion of the state qualifier events that took place all over the country for the past two months.

Throughout these events, ESM has identified the top 16 Dota 2 teams, 16 Mobile Legends: Bang Bangteams, 12 Arena of Valor teams, 15 Starcraft 2 players, and 16 Tekken 7 players. As for the sixth title, ESM will organize a qualifier program for it as soon as the title is revealed by SEA Games 2019’s host.

Meanwhile, the top teams and players from the five titles mentioned above will go through the SEA Games 2019 Selection finale from 29 April to 3 May in Klang Valley. The finale itself is separated into two parts where the Group and Playoff stages will be held at Orange Esports for PC games, Pantheon for mobile games, and Gamesbond for consoles.

The top players and teams that emerged from the Playoff stage will then play their Grand Finals matches at the Central i-City Mall in Shah Alam from 3 to 4 May. As per what we have reported before, the actual selection of players for Team Malaysia will not end with the Grand Finals though.

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