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Fa Chai Shen Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin

Huat ah!

In this in-depth review, we will take a close look at this enticing slots game. How it works, the colourful yet appealing aesthetics, and the many special functions and features available for you. Bringing you closer and closer to winning that huge jackpot and cashing out in Malaysian Ringgit!

The God of Fortune has arrived!

Chai Shen is the Chinese God of Wealth. It is considered the god that will bring prosperity and good fortune worshipped in Chinese folk religion. He is often shown as a boisterous man with a great beard. Shown wearing red robes adorned with golden decorations.

Fa Chai Shen by Qtech opens up with a relaxing Chinese melody. Beautiful graphics in bold red and gold decorations of golden dragons and red pillars. The graphics evoke an elegant handpainted feel, and brings forth a tranquil feeling of zen while you bank on your great fortune.

Get started in Fa Chai Shen

The best thing about Fa Chai Shen is that you can wager on up to 28 lines! Many games we have tried have only allowed 25 or less lines. The number of lines you are allowed to wager on greatly increase your chances of winning in the game. Truly something worthy of the God of Wealth.

Another advantage in this slot game to note is the “Wild” symbol provided, very appropriately represented by a symbol of Chai Shen himself. While many slot games only take up the usual space of one symbol. In this game, the symbol of Chai Shen expands up and down to take up the entire reel. Which means that you are able to make matches no matter which row hits a match!

Furthermore, your winnings are instantly 3x when you make matches with the Chai Shen symbol. Now here are advantages we don’t see often!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

One important symbol to look out for is the symbol of the traditional Chinese gold ingot, or the yuanbao. Just like it had great value back in historical China. This gold ingot gives you one of the best things in this slot game. Hitting three or more of these gold ingots give you 12 free spins. Your winnings multiplies by 10x or 100x if you hit four or five gold ingots respectively. Huat ah!

What use is having the God of Wealth on your side to give you great fortune if you don’t put that fortune to good use? Whenever you get a win in the Fa Chai Shen slot game, you get to gamble your winnings with the Gamble button. You can select one card out of four, and if your selected card is bigger than the Dealer card on the left – you immediately double up! Go all out and win!

And what’s a slot game without without an auto play function? You’ve got things to do, and sometimes it’s best to let the game spin itself while you deal with more important things. Fa Chai Shen gives you advanced options for the auto play function: you can not only let the game spin automatically for up to 500 times, you can also customise your settings so that it automatically stops when your balance decreases by a certain amount, or if you win more than a certain amount, so you can adjust your wagers when you are on a hot streak!

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