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Facebook Gaming Apps features gaming content

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Facebook Gaming Apps features gaming content

Facebook has released a new Facebook Gaming app on iOS today, which only features gaming content with a focus on live streams on the platform.

After years of waiting, it finally seems that Facebook Gaming can be a viable platform for the biggest esports events in the world. 

The app, which has been rejected by Apple multiple times, finally launched today, albeit with the mini-games section of the app cut out in order to pass the approval process.

This means that the only real purpose of the app is to watch gaming content, both pre-recorded and edited content, and live streams on the Facebook platform. 

For esports fans, this feels like it could be the final piece in the puzzle when it comes to Facebook is a viable streaming platform for the biggest esports events.

Over the past few years, a number of large events have been broadcast on the platform, but fans have always been disappointed in the tech side of Facebook Gaming. 

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