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GamingSafe Welcomes You With a Brand New Revamp!

Are you new to the world of online gambling and feeling unsure about which sites to trust? Or are you an active online gambler who has been dealt a bad hand one too many times by unscrupulous sites and operators? GamingSafe is here to help you turn your luck around.

Our Story

We took notice of the lack of information and misinformation that creates a lack of trust among internet users looking to find and play on online casino, sportsbook and live slot websites across the larger Southeast Asia, and especially in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. With very little to no barrier to entry, the industry had fast become flooded with operators who swindled users with unscrupulous practice. It became increasingly difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, and identifying a trustworthy site to play
on had quickly turned into a herculean task and nightmare.

This unfortunate situation became the driving force behind building GamingSafe into the trustworthy site our viewers know today. We set out to build a website that consolidates and publishes information on gaming sites of the region, including unbiased reviews, news updates, game rules and many more!

GamingSafe was launched in 2014. Starting out, out mission was to become a trusted information hub where users can easily browse and find secure and safe gaming websites that suit their specific needs, in addition to connecting with others in the online gambling community. Years on, and we are committed more than ever to this mission.

A Journey Of Improvement

At GamingSafe, we believe in better, and that it can be achieved through continual improvement. News of infamous data breaches at
Facebook, and credit reporter Equifax, only reinforced our strong belief that complacency is not an option, at least not for us.

With that in mind, we set our sights on a great goal over the last year; creating a platform that is not only secure, but also delivers an excellent user experience. To meet this goal, we set out to upgrade our website, both in the backend and the frontend by developing and implementing a new and better framework for our users viewing and learning pleasure.

The brainchild of a highly skilled team of developers, this new framework fully integrates our publishing platform, top gaming site listings, social media and community forums so that you get an all-in-one experience. We are now able to manage and publish content
that is relevant to your interests, and you can now access this information more easily than ever. You will always be viewing the latest insider news on the top trusted online casino, sportsbook and live slot websites from all around the region, thanks to the improved turnaround time of our information updates.

With significant content distribution and security upgrades to our site infrastructure, you can now enjoy improved access and loading speeds, without ever worrying about safety and security.

Today: What This Means For You

The greatest motivation behind revamping the GamingSafe website was always to improve user experience on all fronts. We have invested in web design aesthetics to make ours a modern and beautifully laid website.The site is now more user-friendly and maneuvering your way through the site has never been easier.

Without getting back into the technical spiel, it simply means that you, our esteemed site visitor, will now have it easier when it comes to reading site listings, getting news updates and other available information. You will enjoy a fast-loading, seamless and secure web experience as you stay updated on the latest regarding the best online casino and sportsbook pages available in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Thank You

At GameSafe, we are overwhelmed by the support we have received from our loyal visitors and users, and cannot express our gratitude adequately enough. Even as we proudly announce the new and revamped GameSafe look, we are all too aware of the fact that we couldn’t have possibly done it without you. So once again, thank you.

We are pleased with our numbers, which keep growing by the day, with new site users every new day. We are confident that with the brand new look, these numbers will only continue to grow allowing us to continue providing you with the best, most up to date information on anything you wish to know about.

Thank you for continuing to choose GameSafe as your number 1 guide to the most trusted online gaming sites. For supporting us all the way to the top, we hope to give you the top experience with our revamped website and hope we can continue serving our viewers to the best of our ability.