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Fishing Game – Paradise by CQ9

by jenx
Paradise Fishing

Fish waves keep coming! Earning score without a stop!

The much-anticipated brand new version, “Emperor Golden Fishing-Sea King Strikes” by CQ9 is about to refresh your senses again!

Prehistoric giant crocodiles and dangerous kungfu manatees lurking silently in the deep sea. Every detail will let you return with a full load!

In this new version of “Emperor Golden Fishing-Sea King Strikes”, in addition to introduce more abundant fish species, two new fishing grounds have been opened – [Mega Crocodile] and [Kungfu Manatee].

Fishing Paradise
Two new fishing grounds- [Mega Crocodile] and [Kungfu Manatee].

Paradise Gameplay

The game retains the essence of the original version but adds an element of innovative charm.

Fishing Paradise
The newly introduced floating magnification fish species (one of the biggest features), will surprise you with odds of 20 to 200x every time you score. New penguin fish species with fixed 15 times odds is also added.
Fishing Paradise

Lottery fish species are the highlight fish species that add more fun to the game.

While playing the fishing machine, you can also shake a dice and spin a roulette. It triggers the betting game have a chance to get you up to 216x high odds!

Fishing Paradise

Who said that special skills can only be hidden in cards? With newly revised Emperor Golden Fishing machine, the powerful nirvana skills are hidden in the body of the damage fish!

As long as the player kills the damaged fish species on the field, the aftermath of its self-protection will cause other fish species in the range to be killed in a series. Especially the nuclear bomb fish, the scope even covers the entire layout, absolutely let you easily occupy the entire Emperor Golden Fishing ground!

Fishing Paradise
For Boss-class Sea King – mega crocodiles and kungfu manatees both gives out a chance of 80 to 360x odds randomly.

Fishing Paradise
Paradise Multiplayer Fish Game
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Players who like to gamble big, consider target kill!
The main strategy of target kill is focusing firepower on high multiplier fish species and 
Bosses. Use only the lowest multiplier to score on small fish for random skill card loots.


CQ9 games have stable RTP, and RNG, completely meet the requirements of gambling laws and technical specifications. It features high multiplier and odds, ingratiate players’ needs and habits.

Our Score: 9.5/10 ( Must try) Gaming safe Tick

Unchanging classic elements and innovative gameplay will continue to break through Emperor Golden Fishing Ground! If you like fishing game, we highly recommend you to try!

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