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Food, sex and football? Perfect, says Cassano

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The veteran playmaker has no regrets over his “rebel” image and says he is comfortable with how his career has panned out, despite being considered a player of unfulfilled promise

Antonio Cassanohas admitted that he was once addicted to sex and remains hooked on food.

The former Real Madrid attacker has enjoyed something of a bad boy reputation throughout his career, and the 33-year-old has confessed he is still prone to overindulging in the finer things in life.

In his autobiography, he memorably described his ideal night as “sex and then food”, and quizzed byAS if there is anything else in life, along with football, he responded: “Perfect! Those are the best things. Until February 2, 2008 eh? Then I met my wife. But until then, yes.”

Cassano led a notoriously extravagant lifestyle and has admitted to some of his nocturnal exploits.

Asked if he was addicted to sex, he said: “Yes. When you’re 20 and like girls, there’s a force that allows you to do it every day. And I had the chance! Cassano was a Madrid player!

“If I had done anything else, no-one would have looked at me… like my mother! I’m good, but I’m not handsome.”

The Italy international believes this did not impair his performance and even aided it at times.

“On the eve of a 4-0 win over Juventus, I stole the keys to Trigoria and came back at six o’clock in the morning. I had my best night on the pitch, I won a penalty and scored two goals.”

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