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Football Star Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Football Star Slot

And he shoots, and he scores! Goalllllll!

Live vicariously through these spinning reels depicting the most heroic acts of football. The excitement, the thrill, the stardom, the unforgettable feeling on top! Feel all these and more when you play the Football Star slots game.

The One True Sport

Who hasn’t heard of football? The adrenaline-pumping two-team sport where twelve people chase a ball around a field in an intense battle of supremacy and tactics. Football has had a long, upstanding and rich history in its many years of existence – back from when it was played on open fields, up until when it is a game of technology and modern tactics in the games on the fields today.

Football Star faithfully captures the intense emotions and actions one goes through when in the football field, rising to the top of stardom. The moment you open up the slots game, you are greeted with a strong metal riff intertwined with the passionate cheers of the crowd- pumping you up for the action and boiling your blood. The backdrop is the football field – the arena in which you fight for the grand prize. The symbols on the slots reels are represented by the many symbols in football – the shooting kick, the agile header, the aggressive sliding kick, the flying goalkeeper, the scissor kick, the cranky referee, the football field itself, the football jersey, and the football boots! Get into those kicks and win some matches!

Start Playing Football Star Slots Game

Push on into the realms of stardom when you play the Football Star online digital slots machine game. When you start the game, you are presented with a few choices that will affect the  outcome of your upcoming spins. You have to choose your coin size, the coin level, and the total amount bet. Your coin size decides the amount in MYR which will be represented by each coin in this slots game. The coin level is the amount of coins to bet on each line. There are two hundred and forty three ways to win this game and make matches! Or you can skip the above and simply choose your total amount bet in MYR. This will automatically adjust your wager amount in MYR and in coins and coin level. Get into the game sooner and win more faster!

The Wild icon in the Football Star slots game is represented by the Football Star logo symbol itself. Whenever the Football Star logo Wild symbol shows up, it will help you make matches my substituting for any other symbol that appears on the reels. This allows you to make matches a lot easier than without! Furthermore, the Wild in this slots game has a striking wild feature, which will randomly turn the reels on two, three or four wild!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

The Curving Football symbol is the Scatter symbol in the Football Star slots game. Whenever you hit three, four or five of the Curving Football Scatter symbol, you trigger fifteen, twenty or twenty five free spins immediately! This game features rolling reels – meaning you can be awarded multiple consecutive wins! During your free spins, all your wins are multiplied by ten times (10x)! Scatter wins multiplied by total bet staked. Scatter pays in any position.

The Football Star online slots game also features an auto play feature. When you invoke the auto play function, you can set the game to automatically make spins for you! Take advantage of the marvels of technology and let the game make the wins you need. You can also set some advanced options for it to stops spinning when certain conditions are met during your spins, typically involving your winnings.

Play Football Star Slots Game today!

Live the high life and life on the edge by these sports football stars! Find out what it’s like to have that golden leg and score the world-changing shot that would go down in the history books!

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