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Four Guardians Slot Game Review

by jenx
Four Guardians Slot

Deeply rooted in Chinese and Asian mythology is the fabled story of the four guardians; overseers of direction, guardians of the seasons and symbols of the five principles. As the Chinese story goes, the Black Turtle, White Tiger, Vermillion Bird, and Azure Dragon are each a symbolic representation of the four seasons and the directions, north, west, south, and east. Each with a different story of origin and with a unique personality, the guardians are both powerful and knowledgeable.

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Four Guardians Gameplay

Courtesy of software by Spin Games. Players now have the chance to experience the story of the Guardians in a brand-new way from Gameplay. In the form of a 40 pay-line gambling game. The free Four Guardians video slot takes gamblers on an epic journey into Chinese Mythology where a fortune awaits amongst the 5 reels and 3 rows. If you think you have what it takes to rub shoulders with the four legendary guardians, your adventure awaits!

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Backed against a mystical mountain landscape sparkling with magic, are the reels of the free Four Guardians slot. Bordered in clean golden lines, the reels don’t give much of the theme away. However, as soon as the player reels up their first set of guardians, the oriental themed slot really starts to shine. The big wins in this online casino game come in the form of Meng Zhang the dragon, Ling Guang the bird, Jian Bing the tiger and Zhi Ming the turtle. While the top values of the themed symbols differ, there are payouts of up to 1000x the bet line stake up for grabs.

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There are 6 further symbols in the pay table, the orange worth 150x the bet line stake being the only other themed offering. The remainder includes the A symbol, worth 150x the bet line stake and an array of other card symbols, all worth a maximum of 100x the bet line stake when 5 symbols land on a win line. With a themed soundtrack to go along with the symbols and magical background, Spin Games has set the scene for a top-notch slot.

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