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Free Fortnite Cup – How to participate

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Free Fortnite Cup - How to participate

Epic Games has announced the Free Fortnite Cup—its latest response to the ongoing legal battle with Apple and Google.

Free Fortnite Cup will be available for all players, with in-game rewards and physical products up for grabs. Competitors will play through 12 games in the Solos mode as they try to accumulate points toward a leaderboard placement.

The Free Fortnite Cup will begin on August 23 and last for four hours total. Players will be able to participate across all platforms, including Android and iOS devices, with the event being readily available to those who show up on time. 

Since there is a maximum of 12 Solo games, Epic Games has accounted for leaderboard ties. As such, tiebreakers will be determined by total points scored, total Victory Royales, average eliminations in the session, average placement per match in the session, total seconds survived across all matches, and a coin flip. Other rules about the event can be found on the official page

The tournament will encompass regions that include Europe, NA East, NA West, Brazil, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East. Each region features the same rewards available, but their own classification for leaderboard placements. 

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