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The Mobile Gambling Revolution

by new_c_admin

Do fast-paced technology advances need any revelation in the 21st century? For sure not! The hi-tech implementations have propagated by and large into every walk of life. So much so that those who do not upgrade are ought to face redundancy.

Gambling industry with is existence for more than 20 years is no exception to this massive disruption! It has revolutionized from traditional walk-in stores to on-the-go internet platforms that feature seamless experience right from innovative gaming interfaces to exciting casino bonus codes!

The unprecedented rise in the number of mobile device users has hit to 70% already. While the gambling users are expected to be around 684 million and online wagers to reach total $1 trillion by 2022.No doubt augmentation in mobile gambling is noticeable, however, it still remains poorly accepted worldwide due to the prohibition in regions like Asia, Africa, Russia, and Germany. Just a few years back a betting platform on handheld device seemed fairytale imagination but in today’s era, the concern is around fast-growing, sustainable and secure online gambling platforms.

Let us gain some insights on online and mobile gambling revolution in terms of driving forces, its after effects and future challenges.

Factors Driving Innovation in Online and Mobile Gambling:

  • Live/In-play Gaming and Mobile Bonuses
  • Use of Cryptocurrencies
  • Availability of GPRS
  • Propelling Virtual Reality
  • Gambling Legislation and Regulation

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