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Gambling on TV

by new_c_admin
Gambling Shows

Not many real-life activities can live up to the drama and entertainment seen in TV shows and movies. Gambling is an exception to the rule. Drama is intrinsic to gambling and hence makes it perfect for depiction in movies and TV shows.

Name any gangster movie from the past fifty years and each one of them will feature a scene where the mafia is seen gambling in a posh casino. I’m sure you also have dreamed of such luxury and winning huge cash in style. The best online casinos in South Africa, which can be accessed at www.scams.info, have made that dream a reality to some extent.

Gambling is portrayed as a serious business often including high stakes. But for amateurs, it is just a fun activity meant as a pass time. TV shows have captured this aspect of gambling too and that has resulted in some of the funniest scenes in the history of sitcoms.

Friends have given the ’90s generation a lifetime of memories and some memorable scenes. A comical take on the lives of a group of friends living in New York this TV series is still as funny as ever. The scene that we are covering is about the night when all the six friends gather to play poker in Monica’s apartment.

This isn’t just a normal game rather the girls are up against the boys to prove that they too can play poker. Here we witness one of the most hapless rounds of poker that has been played ever. The girls end up losing money to the boys and later employ a professional player to teach them in a bid to win their money back.

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