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Gen.G Esports put together their new squad

by puvana88

Though VALORANT is still in its closed beta phase in preparation for a summer official release, esports organizations are already lining up to become the game’s first true dynasty.

A week after the game’s announcement in March, three-time League of Legends world champions T1 became the first organization to sign a player, picking up former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro Braxton “Braxton” Pierce to headline their upcoming VALORANT squad.

While Gen.G Esports, another esports organization famous for its world championships, was also in talks for sinatraa, they went another route with their roster, signing an all-Canadian lineup of prospects coming from the world of Counter-Strike. As other orgs continue pushing for bigger, more well-established names looking to make the transition to VALORANT, Gen.G performance coach Andrew Leverette wanted to take an opposite approach to the game’s early competitive scene.

“Our main focus when identifying the right VALORANT team was to find players who are hungry to grow as a team and already possess the proper fundamentals required for a tactical shooter game,” Leverette told ESPN.

Players aren’t the only ones switching their attention to VALORANT. Outside of just the pure numbers and hype around VALORANT’s closed beta that broke records on Twitch, many teams feel a level of comfort with Riot Games from working with them in League of Legends that gives them confidence in investing in their new game.

Gen.G personally met with the VALORANT development team and left with a sense that the game’s esport scene would be at the forefront of the company’s mind instead of being an add-on or afterthought.

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