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Girls with Guns: Frozen Dawn Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Girls with Guns: Frozen Dawn Slot Game Review

Get high and dry in the cold mountains!

Join the sexy Girls with Guns on their latest adventure, Frozen Dawn. Frozen Dawn is an online digital slots machine set in the cold peaks of the Himalayas where sexy secret agents duel it out.

Sexy Secret Agent Slots

The sexy secret agent spies clash with the voluptuous villainous vixens. In their epic mission to grab hold of the secret treasures hidden within the vaults of the secret organisation. Leap into their action-packed world of adventure. Where the heroes are sexy and the villains are too. In this online slots game designed to thrill your senses and keep things going.

This thematic slots game brings you to the snowy mountaintops, as seen in the background of the slots reels. The theme music kicks in the moment  you start the game. Bringing things into high gear and pumping you up for the action ahead. The slots reels symbols are represented by the various cast members from both sides. The Leader Katherine, Maria on Artillery, Kira the Sniper, Alex on demolitions, Zoe the tactical genius, Jess the Infiltrator, the evil genius Saskia, the evil ninja minions, the secret base, and the secret weapon.

Start Playing Girls With Guns: Frozen Dawn Slots Game

The Blue Team Wild symbol is a special symbol that will help your gameplay! The Blue Team Wild symbol is the symbol. It will help you make matches with the other symbols which appear on the reels by substituting for them. These Wild symbols are essential to help you make matches and make more wins on each spin!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

Another important symbol to look out for when spinning the reels of this slots game would be the Satellite Scatter symbol. This scatter symbol helps you trigger the special features of the slots game! When you match three or more of the Satellite Scatter symbol on your spins in this slots game, you will be randomly assigned a mission.

Scatter wins multiplied by total bet staked, scatter wins added to way wins. If you trigger the Frozen Wilds Free Spins feature, you will be awarded twelve free spins. Frozen wilds are held in place and will remain wild for three additional spins before melting away. Any frozen wilds forming full reel stack will turn that reel wild for the remaining free spins.

If you trigger the Magnetic Wilds Free Spins feature, twelve free spins are awarded to you immediately. Magnetic wilds appear on reel five (rightmost reel) only. During the next spin, magnetic wilds are pulled to the leftmost available position on the reels. Magnetic wilds are held in position until the end of the feature, unless they form a full vertical wild stack which will explode on the next spin. Any adjacent magnetic wilds will be pulled left to the next available position.

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You may also use the auto play feature in this online digital slots machine to automate your plays and make things easier for yourself! The auto play function can be set to automatically make spins on your set bet amount for up to five hundred times. The game can also be set to automatically stop if your wins exceeds or is equal to a certain amount of coins.

Play Girls With Guns: Frozen Dawn Slots Game today!

Hidden high up in the Himalayas, the secret evil organisation has a secret base hidden within the snowy tundra of the mountains. Sneak into the secret base through the hidden path and find the treasures hidden in the secret organisation’s vaults!

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