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Girls With Guns: Jungle Heat Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Girls With Guns: Jungle Heat Slot

Turn up the heat, welcome to the jungle!

Join the Girls With Guns as they turn up the heat in their Jungle Heat online slots! Watch them go wild in this sweaty and humid adventure in the dense of the Amazon bushes of our secret agents.

Feel the Jungle Heat

The Girls With Guns team have been summoned to a brand new adventure into the depths of the Amazon jungle! Join them as they infiltrate the hidden jungle base of the secret cartel of Senor Papagandas and his evil minions, who have made their fortunes selling illegal weapons and other villainous activities.

The Girls With Guns bring on the action even more this time around. You can seriously feel the Amazon humidity from the densely populated backdrop of the slots reels. It really sets the stage and sets up the mood for the entire experience. The slots game features a high octane soundtrack. Keeping the tension high, and also a sense of tranquil before the storm. The symbols of the slots reels, once again, feature the main cast of the secret sexy agent team, the foes to be vanquished. The leader Katherine, Maria does artillery, Kira is the sexy silent sniper, Alex is the demolitions girl, Zoe the tactical genius, Jess the seductive infiltrator, Senor Papagandas, the buff Mexican minions, and the secret jungle base. All this truly sets the stage for you to enjoy the thrilling spy action experience!

Start Playing Girls With Guns: Jungle Heat Slots Game

Kick off your mission with the girls by making a few tactical decisions that will influence the outcome of your future spins! You can also adjust the number of coins to bet on each line. The more you bet, the more you will win whenever you make matches in the slots reels.

The Wild symbol in the Girls With Guns: Jungle Heat slots game is represented by the Girls With Guns logo. Whenever you get a Girls With Guns Wild symbol, you are able to more easily make matches, as the Wild symbol will allow you to substitute for any other logo in the game in order to make matches and win! There is also another Special Wild symbol which only appears on reel three (the middle reel), but when that one appears, it will expand and fill the whole reel, making matches even easier for you! Keep an eye out for it, it’s worth it!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

There is also an awesome explosive symbol you should keep your pants on for! Keep an eye out for the Heart Grenade Scatter symbol which occasionally appears. The Heart Grenade Scatter symbol is an explosive free bonus which gives you a special feature  when triggered. Whenever you get three or more Scatter symbols in this slots game, you immediately get fifteen free spins on the reels! On each free spin, a random reel is turned Wild, giving you even more matches! Free spins can also be re-triggered, letting you combo up a storm!

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Play Girls With Guns: Jungle Heat Slots Game today!

Let the luscious lasses bring you on a trip you cannot forget into the depths of the jungle and discover the hidden stash of cash!

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